Einfacher Bach

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Einfacher Bach

Beitrag von Air » Sa 27.Aug 2005, 17:48

Suche einfach partituren von Bach oder Monteverdie. Danke im Vorraus.... :)


Beitrag von Marie-Claire » Sa 27.Aug 2005, 19:55

I have a beginner's version of Bach's "Lover's Concerto"
I would like to have your personnal e-mail to send it to you. The file is too big for the site.
Sorry for replying in English, normally Spacetoon would do this translation gladly for me, but he's on vacation. You can get in touch via pn

Marie Claire

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Beitrag von Air » Sa 03.Sep 2005, 18:11

Thank You very much for your ansew.
Sorry too for me becouse my english is gone with the time
so forgiv my misstaks, I hope you can read it .

So, now I will send you my e-mail adress
From which countrie are you caming from?
I live in Leipzig, you now the city were Bach lieved the most of his livetetime.
His grave is here, and I visit it sometimes.
His music is for me one off those things that
opens my hart so much that somthimes I fell the beautiness that is in all things. Thaths the ground wyh I want to learn more about him.
I think his music works well in that case.

Thank you for your time